This is what you can expect from our team of professionals.

Service Planning Team/ IDT Team


  • Services required by the individual

  • Effective date/ service unit levels

  • Goals of service

  • Frequency of service

  • Individual Plan of Care

  • Services Needing a Back-up Plan


  • Termination of the CDS option

  • Back-up Plans

Case Manager

  • Provides overview of service delivery options upon enrollment and annually

  • Assists with enrollment in CDS

  • Provides information about Support Consultation

  • Visit as required by program rules

  • Provide service plan and changes to CDS and employer

  • Reviews status reports from CDS and documents reviews

  • Initiates interventions and program case management services 

  • Convenes the service planning team

  • Assist with changes in service delivery options

  • Assist with changes in provider agencies

  • Notifies CDS and employer of changes to service plan

Employer (Consumer) or

Legally Authorized Representative (LAR)

  • Submits applicant documentation and qualifications to CDS

  • Performs criminal conviction/registry checks on perspective employees

  • Hire/dismisses employees

  • Retains contractors and vendors

  • Provides training and supervision to service providers

  • Manages service providers

  • submits timesheets, invoices and receipts to the CDS

  • Revises/adjusts budgets as needed with CDS approval

  • Implements interventions and corrective action plans

  • Develops a service back-up plan 


  • Provides initial orientation

  • Provides ongoing training and support

  • Assists, approves, and validates budgets for funds

  • Assists with DPS criminal conviction Hx checks

  • Verifies credentials of potential services providers

  • Employer agent - handles payroll withholdings, deposits, reports timesheets, receipts, invoices, and pays service providers

  • Provides budget status report

  • Contacts case manager to report noncompliance with employer  responsibilities

  • Initiates interventions and corrective action plans

  • Can recommend termination of CDS for continued non-compliance

  • Provides support consultation if available in program and requested by employer

Support Advisor

Assists Employers with:

  • Developing skills for training, recruiting, screening, hiring/dismissing staff

  • Developing job descriptions

  • Developing skills for effective communication/problem resolution

  • Developing/negotiating service agreements with contractors and vendors

  • Developing back-up plans

  • Developing decision making skills for employer and employment related situations

  • Developing and Implementing corrective action plans

Program Provider

Provides non-CDS services